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I think being receptive is the whole key to forming any friendship or relationship. If that's missing, nothing will happen. And the biggest obstacle in this regard is, as you say, the long list of pre-conceptions and expectations people carry around in their heads. Which, in most cases, is just a stoical defense against the possibility of being disappointed.


Hi NP, by the way I like the new format in your blog. I agree that I think the expectations that we have in our head may lead to disappointments. Sometimes I think that sometimes if we expect the worse we may have a self-fulling prophecy and that too can lead to disappoints. Thanks for the comment Be well


What you're saying here is ultimately true, although the person who "can't find" anyone to have a relationship with doesn't think so at the time. I have a lonely friend who has been single for 10 years and has joined a web-matching site and so on, but she limits her options quite a bit by refusing to consider certain people by dint of their age, that sort of thing. So maybe she is just not ready to be open to every opportunity.


Hi Boss Lady, Thanks for stopping by. One thing that I have found is that many times the path is clear and what we do to the path is to place obstacles in front of the path. By the time we are finished we can no longer see the path. I hope you friend tries to eliminate the obstacles that she has placed before her and she will be surprised when things open up.
Be well WH

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