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In my mind, destruction is destruction, whether it is private or public. Unfortunately, what are we to expect when the social mores of society have shifted to move from what is good for the majority to a psychological frenzy of sharks going after a piece of meat. The looking for a meaningful existence is somehow devalued. The only thing that appears to be of value is the carcass of humanity.


I agree. I particularly agree with where you say, There is the assumption that "they" hold the answers.


Thanks Tony for stopping by and your words are always appreciated. WH

Lil Vic

People have always been confused (even the righteous) because life is complicated so it only makes sense that our "political leaders" more than any other segmenet of the popluation are alway screwing things up. By defintion, if it is hard to figure out your own life, then imagine the complexities that come into play when you take on the position of representing the collective (ie. your constiuents).

As for our leaders in other parts of society, most if not all of those leaders had to disregard the well beings of others in order to get to where there are. It's like the person who cuts to the front of a long line, they can only do that because everyone else decided not to cut...in other words, most of us are happy with our place in line so we only have ourselves to blame with the leaders we have. I wonder what would happen if everyone decided to cut the line?


Thanks for stopping by, I agree with much of your statement. If everyone start to cut line we would have chaos. There is a certain sense of order that happens when the majority of us follow some of the basic social rules. Just imagine if everyone ignore traffic lights, we would have a lot more car crashes in the world.


Pretty much everything you said, is exactly what I think just with different wording. Very nice! www.andrewrupp.com


Thanks for your thoughts, a rose is a rose even when you call it by another name. WH


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Long Tall Sally

Thank you for your words of wisdom. It is strange how one can see something coming and do nothing...Once it comes to frutition all hell breaks loose. If only we learned to trust our own intuition

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