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Well, once, a philosopher (I forgot who exactly) said that a person cannot forgive unless she receives sincere apologies from the offender (or the person who did her wrong). I am a person who gets angry very fast and let go even faster. So I couldn't agree that one cannot forgive without apologies, but after I paid attention to what actually happens during that forgiveness process I realized that I actually never forgave those people, letting go is different from forgiveness, the first time that I really forgave someone was when I discussed my problem with him, and he was convinced that he was wrong and he truly apologized from the bottom of his heart, and I felt it, it's really an important moment because you feel relieved, it's like there was something very heavy on your heart and you throw it away.


Hi Dan as I read your comment I said to myself HURRAH someone finally gets what I am trying to say I do believe that you actually said it better. Letting go is not the same as forgiveness. Many people let things go and think that they have forgiven the other person.

I also agree with you that when a person is really sorry that you can feel it and that it becomes sincere and I know that I have never turned my heart away from someone that was sincere. Thanks for making my day. WH

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