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Mary Darling

Lovely new design. Easy to read, compelling in style.
Well done!!


Thanks for the comment. Be well


I've always believed that my happiness depended entirely on myself. So whatever unpleasantness might've transpired between me and another person I just forgot about it and moved on with my life.


Anyone can forgive, but the forgetting part is always the hardest. I found that I used to have a problem with forgetting too. Then one day it hit me "Why am I still bothering with this?" It is just extra weight in your mind that prevents other thing from taking it s place. Basically, if you always remember the wrongs that have been done to you, then you don't really allow that person to replace that bad with a good.


Hi NP Nice to hear from you agin. I have been turning this blog into a book. I will be self publishing .....I hope ....by the summer. As usual your comment is profound. Thanks


I was born at the tail of the baby boomer period and always try to make informed choices and I work from a position of deep listening and awarenss. Learning to release ourselves from trauma thats burried in our past can be sacry because we need to go inside and learn about ourselves. I've been working at it for many years and I like who I've become. Reaching out and asking for guidance can be dificult. I started to blog and share some of my ideas about how to get the best out of life and am finding it very rewarding. For me life is about learning and we should never stop. At some point, you will have to return the favour to extend the hand of friendship to someone just like ourelves and the journy starts again But for those of us who have ventured far and wide, it can be a rewarding a deeply enriching exprience. Drop by my site and let me know what you think. Cheers

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