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Welcome to Conversation with Katherine and my Podcast Authenticity

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Light houses help ships navigate dangerous waters.  Authentic people can help you navigate the waters of your life.  Authentic people bring trust and credibility to the table.  You may not always agree with them, but you know what they are telling you is their truth.

There is safety in your life when you surround yourself with those that have authentic lives.  They say what they mean, mean what they say and they can help you ground yourself when your are unsure.  Authentic people are not perfect.  they make mistakes, they change and they grow.  They acknowledge heir mistakes, and it enables you to move forward.

In times of crisis and grief, it is very important that you have this type of person in your life because it is during these times when you are most vulnerable.  When you are vulnerable and you surround yourself with pretenders or predators because they can be so much fun or because you like people telling you what you want to hear, you will find yourself alone and possibly used by those types of people

Authentic people feel like a warm ad safe cocoon that you can wrap around you to keep yourself all toasty inside.  When you find yourself at a crossroad in life-we all have these- they can help you bridge the known from the unknown, because many times they are wise.  Authentic people don't want you to hurt yourself or others, and they may remind you when you are not being kind.

They are the gems of life, and they never lose value.


What was I thinking then and What do I think now 2019

At the time of writing this post I had been observing the people in my work life.  I had noticed authentic and those that were not.  I was curious about observing the outcomes that their behavior created in the work environment.  No matter where you work there are people who will tell you what you want to hear.  There are people that their competitive nature makes it difficult for them to value others as much as they value the "win".   The win may give that person a moment of a sense of victory but it seems they just move on to the next competitive moment.

I noticed there were not a lot of authentic people and I wondered why?  Is being authentic such a terrible thing?  Is being authentic in the world of work a dangerous thing?  There was so much fear I wondered how did the few authentic people that I saw survive the environment of fear.

The quality of work culture is becoming a valuable commodity when looking for a job.  The "fit" of individuals within any given work environment can become part of the discussion of employment.  Is the company" task" oriented or "fit" oriented.   This choice, of the company, may allow them to move in completely different directions.   Tasks oriented companies may not be concerned about whether the person is "authentic". just can they get the job done.  

In my personal life, assessing and determining whether a person is authentic is very important to me.  For me it is about creating a safe place, in my life,  that limits the toxic influence.  Authentic people bring such a level of credibility that wondering and doubting who and what they are is not necessary.  It allows me to relax and enjoy the relationship.  Authentic people become my safe harbor in the sea of storms that life brings.  

I have sometimes observed individuals that believe that they are authentic and they are not.  They don't see a correlation between what they say and what they do.  They minimize their faults and maximize the faults in others.  I have seen a person that believes their hurtful and painful behavior is acceptable because "they are just being themselves".  That may be true that they are hurtful and mean which is authentic behavior for them, I am not sure I would want them in my personal space.  

I have met authentic people in my life and I have had the privilege of having them in my life.  What about your life.  Do you value authentic people or it doesn't matter.  Does a person that says what they mean is it important to you?  Do you value or have a different definition for authentic behavior. Do you want to attract authentic people:   What is your flavor of authentic in your life.

Thank you for listening to Conversation with Katherine and my podcast on Authentincity.  Please feel free to go to my website. conversationwithkatherine.com and leave a comment about this podcast.   Have a great day and a great conversation in your life about authenticity.



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