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Welcome to Conversation With Katherine and my podcast Adventure Sound Baths

I have been having solitary adventures since November, 2018.  The majority of those adventures have involved me traveling to new places.  I went to Savannah, Georgia in November, 2018 which was my very first adventure.  I followed that adventure with a trip to New Orleans, December 2018, Iceland, 2019, Austin, Texas, March 2019, Bali, April 2019 and Cuba, May 2019.  As you can see, I was trying to make sure that I accumulated plenty of air miles.

These adventures have taught me a lot about myself.  I have a travel companion that I take on my adventures her name is Magic. Now, Magic is my externalize name that I have given for an aspect of myself.  Before you start thinking of multiple personality it is my belief that we as humans have different aspects of our selves.  We can be kind, not kind, good, not good as humans we don't operate as singular entities.  The different aspects that we have of ourselves allow us to have different ways to engage under different circumstances.  I currently have three, my warrior side, her name is Bertha, my Zen core side, Katherine and of course Magic, my adventurous side.   

When I am on a solidarity adventure Magic comes along.  She and I agree on everything and we do not argue about what to do or how to do it.   We have fun.  Now if Magic was in control of my life, I would not be able to pay my bills.  Bertha she is the warrior in me,  she allows me to protect myself and protect others.  If Bertha was in charge I would not have been able to keep a job.  Now Katherine is the reasonable, Zen me who allows me to have fun, be a warrior by managing all of me.   Sometimes in life we think that we just have one self.  My belief is we have developed the aspects in ourselves that help us strive, thrive, survive within our worlds.  So back to my adventure.

I realized that I live in one of the most interesting environments.  I live in the Bay Area.  There are thousands of people that fly to the Bay Area to partake in our "bubble".  The Bay Area has an interesting "bubble".  You can find food from almost any country in the world.  There are eco systems from snow, oceans, forest and of course wine within a short road trip. Well I decided to go on an adventure.  I went to a Sound Bath Retreat this weekend, August 3, 2019 on Stinson Beach, Marin.

I am sure there are those of you that have no idea what I am talking about.  I went to my first sound bath in July, 2019.  It was held in San Francisco, of course, and I would like to share my experience.  I should start with what is a Sound Bath?  It is lying down on a yoga mat, with your eyes covered and you are immersed in sound.  It is not music but different types of sounds.  Before you decide it is just "crazy California" there is evidence that sound helps to facilitate shifts in our brainwave state called entrainment.  Entrainment is the ability of your brain to "entrain" or sychornize to a nearby stimuli, in this case, very slow, low frequency binaural sound waves.   I took this off of website of Inner Sounds Meditation. 

Since I am a therapist, I am always curious about the healing process and how our mind, body, spirit connections work.  Since I am adventurous, I said, why not try.   I had been told about this by a couple of people and their experiences made me curious.   They both said the experience left them with a sense of exhilaration.    I said, hmmmm, might be interesting

The first sound bath that I went to, July, 2019 was crowded, chaotic and I left not feeling exhilaration but kinda of annoyed.  So what did my curious self do,  I signed up for a six hour sound retreat.   What was I thinking?  I have no idea.  I spent time wondering what am I doing.  Well I signed up for the six hour retreat before I had my first sound bath.  Maybe my initutive self knew that I might need a second experience.  Oh Well ?  My adventurous soul said you are going to have an experience.  

For those of you that are unfamiliar with California and the road trip to Stinson Beach.  The drive to Stinson Beach was a major adventure.  The roads are curved and you don't know what is coming around the curve and the physical drop on the cliff side is deep.   The temptation of looking at the beautiful scenery was deterred by my fear of death.   Which I was sure was going to happen if I did not pay attention to the road.  So, I drove, hands at 10:00  and 2;00 EYES ON THE ROAD.    

I arrived at Stinson Beach in one piece a bit stressed.   I went into the site where the sound bath was going to be held and low and behold it was not crowded, it was organized, I had personal space.  Just those simple adjustments helped me settle into my adventure in sound.  

The person that was working the bowls her name is Melissa and she has a website  https://www.innersoundmeditation.com.  I asked her some questions on the lunch break and she was kind enough to give me a better understanding.  I then went to her website, and was able to discover many of the benefits of a sound bath.  I recommend that you go to the website if you are curious about Sound Bath.  

The first session I went into a state of relaxation but it was not deep.  I was aware of my surroundings and I did not lose myself within the session.  The second session was on Stinson Beach, this was a fun session and afterwards I treated myself to an ice cream,  the third session I went into a deep state of relaxation, not exhilaration but relaxation.  I had been in a training all week and was experiencing sleep deprivation.  This deep relaxation I would describe as something that happens when I get a great ,not good massage.  I lost a sense of time, and I was able to melt into the sound.  


My first experience and second experience were so different that I learned something about myself.  I learned that I need a certain amount of personal space otherwise I am not comfortable.  I need an organized environment, so I don't become distracted by the physical environment and I need a gently working of the bowls rather than an aggressive working of the bowls.  It was explained to me that different sounds, aggressive or gentle work on your nervous system in different ways.  Aggressive working of the bowls can take you to the place of exhilitration but if kept too long can cause you distress.

I would recommend having an adventure of taking a Sound Bath, you never know where the adventure will take you.

Thank you for listening to Conversation With Katherine and my podcast, Sound Bath. Please feel free to leave a comment on my website. Conversation with Katherine.  Have a great day and a great conversation in your life about Sound Baths.



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