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Welcome to Conversation With Katherine and my Podcast Life is Fluid

As I go about my life, change always seems to be ever present.  Relationships change evolve or devolve as the circumstances unfold.  Change and the fluid nature of life appears to be the one constant that is forever in my life.

When I was in my spring season time and change did not seem to happen very quickly.  Everything seem to move at a slower pace.  My impatient nature was constantly being challenged to slow down when I wanted everything to hurry up.  I did not understand that life was fluid and anything that I thought would be a forever moment really was one of life's illusions.  

As I have aged I understand the fluid nature of life and all of that which surrounds me in life.  I understand that I can't keep anything or anyone in a state of hibernation while I get ready.  I have to be ready for the forward movements that happen in life.  The unexpected glimpses of a different way of being, good or bad is the challenge that I must face.

It seems as soon as I become certain something or someone decides, nope not today.  Today is another moment of evolution in your pattern of living.  When I think that things will never get better, nope things don't always remain awful.  It is learning the sense of having a flexible movement in my mind.  This movement allows me to survive the storms and embrace the sun.   Never expecting too much or too little just allow my expectations to follow the winds of life.

March, 2011

What was I thinking then

I was experiencing frustration.  When I think of that year it was a year of personal frustration and challenge.  I was coming to terms with my expectations and how they were sometimes a significant part of my frustration.  I was focusing on my expectations without a clear understanding of what the expectations were only that I was experiencing a sense of disappointment.   It was a year of fog and moving through the fog without clear and certain direction and bearings.

What Do I think now 2019

I am grateful for the fluid nature of life.  I am grateful in the knowledge that no matter how bad things can feel at any moment of time the moment will change.  I am grateful that the fluid nature of life has given me perspective.  Perspective is a powerful lens to see life from.  It allows you to have distance from yourself and your problems and see how different options can create different solutions.  Perspective does not change the problem it does help with the acceptance of the path.  It can change the problem from being awful to being just a moment in time.

When I now experience life being fluid I embrace the fluid moment.  I have a sense of certainty that something positive will come from this fluid moment that I may not see.  I am no longer upset with my plans being upset.  I have stopped taking and making things personal when it is just what I need to do now.   Maybe, I did not know that the flow of the river was changing.  I know that I have the tools to manage the flow. Adapting to a fluid mindset takes you out of the need to control.  The need to judge.  It creates a freedom that does not exist when you are trying to manage the river and it choses to move in a different direction.   Learning how to navigate the river of life is different than trying to control the river.  

It is nice not having my ego attached to "how things should be" and to allow life to unfold and having an ability to embrace the new journey.  The flow has allowed me to understand myself by viewing my actions and responses through a different lens.  A lens that is not critical but loving.  What would your life look and feel like if instead of experiencing  frustration you experienced perspective?

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It is the most freeing feeling when you don't have to bother yourself with too much thinking and doing, going with the flow of life and enjoying what it brings. That is simply perfect. Thanks for your profound emotions.


Hi thanks for stopping by, I agree life does get easier when you flow with the river of life rather than trying to direct the river. Be well

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