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Welcome to Conversation With Katherine and my podcast Finding The Joy

Recently I have been trying to find the Joy in my life.  It feels like it is hiding from me or that I need a secret code to discover the joy.  Joy is elusive on a good day.  String a few bad days together and Joy is impossible to find.  So I am on a mission.  This is mother's day and it should be a joyous day.  For some it will be the celebration that they had hoped for in their heart.  For others it will just be another day of disappointment and failed expectations.

So what keeps me from finding my joy.  The answer to that question is simple......Me.   I keep me from finding the joy that is waiting for me.  I want to make a distinction from Joy and Pleasure.  I think that Joy is something deeper than Pleasure.  They do have some things in common.  They can both be transitory.  So what would my life look like it I could find the Joy in life.  I believe that I would live more in the present than in either the past or the future.  I would learn to enjoy the simple things in life and not create stress in my spirit.  I would do the old adage to stop and smell the flowers.  I would rid my life of the toxins that I have allowed to be present in my life.  I would ask myself more questions.....like.....does this add or subtract from my well being.   I would learn to pay attention to the answers, instead of doing what I want I would try to figure out what is in my best interest.  

Now I don't know if the above mentioned things will help me find Joy but I do think they will put me on a more constructive path.  Especially about living in the present.  As I am in my winter season....I realize that I have fewer days ahead.....than I have behind me.   It is fast becoming important for me to make the most of my time by helping myself to smile more, love more and spend less time worrying about the what ifs of life.  Well through all of these musings I see a light that is calling me and it says it is time to get off this computer and enjoy the day.

Happy Mother's day to all.  May, 2011

What Was I thinking Then

I was at a point in my life where the combination of work and my personal life seemed overwhelming.  I was working overtime as much as seven days a week.  There did not appear to be a work life balance, no let me be clear there was not any balance in my life.  I was finishing up my hours and waiting to take my test for licensing.  All of this busy was difficult  and confusing.  The busy was necessary for me to meet my goals but it felt relentless.  Sometimes life feels like things will never end, but they do.  I had created my exit strategy and implementing it required work without knowing whether my strategy would work.  I was operating on blind faith and in a fog.  During this time I started to pay attention to life affirming choices rather than life destroying choices.  I was knee deep in my self created swamp land looking for a way out.  

In paying attention to my own toxic behavior and the toxic behavior of those that I allowed in my life, I started to trim the toxic and embrace the warmth and loving behavior.  I started to notice how I had created a world that was not comfortable but the uncomfortableness was necessary for my growth and pruning.  It would be nice to avoid the potholes of life.  Sometimes the potholes have so much wisdom waiting for us when we climb out.

What am I thinking now, 2019

The unhappiness that I experienced then has been replaced with a state of comfort and pleasant moments of joy.  Yes, my exit strategy worked and I now find myself in a different place in my life.  I have always known that life is fluid, it is hard to see that when you are in the storm.  Having faith in my initution has been honed by me, mostly because, when I follow my initution  it   generally leads me to a better path.  A life affirming path.  When I was at a cross road I would pay attention to the bridge builders that I had in my life.  A bridge builder is someone that may see something in me that I don't always see in myself.  In mastering myself, I was able to embrace the joy that was waiting for me.  

Yes, I am a pretty contented and joyful person.  I learned how to live in the present and not worry about all of the "what ifs" of life.  I finally understood that tomorrow never comes and the joy that awaits me is here today.  I have learned to trust joy and know the joy is a moment to be embraced.  I don't worry about joy leaving because it is always there just waiting outside of a stormy moment to allow me to make a new choice of a joyful moment.  Yes, I have learned patience with myself and others and giving myself the space to respond without reaction.

Thank you for listening to my podcast finding the Joy.  Please feel free to stop by my website Conversation with Katherine.com to subscribe and leave any comments you may have regarding this podcast.  Have a great day and a great conversation in your life about Finding Joy.


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I think genuine is a natural feeling from our heart and we don't need to find it. It comes out like spring when we feel good about ourselves and the way we please people. natural joy is a gift from God and it is given to us everyday.


Hi I think that you are one of the fortunate but alas I am not as fortunate. Seeking joy is something that many of us in this very hurry up and wait culture had loss our sense of direction. Finding Joy is just a refocusing on what is natural for you but may be elusive to others.


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